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Welcome to the world of collections by Il Ferrone.
A world of diversity characterized by inimitable products blending the centuries-old tradition
of hand-made cotto imprunetino with the advantages
of continuing technological innovation and design research. All under the banner of quality.

Ferrone Abitare in Cotto offers all the styles, formats, surface finishes and colour options of cotto imprunetino floor tiles, wall tiles and special pieces by Il Ferrone.


A selection of products designed to cover a wide range of uses: dwellings (including kitchens and bathrooms), stairs, gardens and terraces; pavements, squares and street furniture; restaurants, wine bars, caf├ęs, shopping centres and museums. Equally effective for renovation and new building and bioarchitecture.

Unique, valued and durable products of extraordinary character and versatility.
The best available, for whoever wants the best


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