100% Natural

The strength of our product and the roots of our values come from nature

Ferrone Cotto Impruneta is a product with a pure and sustainable soul because it is born from the transformation of the four natural elements: clay, air, water and fi re. The strength of these four elements, so unpredictable and powerful, is the peculiarity of our product, which is natural by defi nition and innovative by ambition.

The clay is the mother of our Cotto: “Galestro” is the clayey rock from which our collections take shape. It is characteristic only of the Impruneta area, located in Tuscany. It is at an advanced stage of development and is naturally resistant. Ferrone Cotto Impruneta products are realized only from with this raw material.

The air is the creator of the peculiarities of the product; it gives different degrees of chromaticity to the clay during drying and cooking. It is an intangible but essential ingredient for the production process.

The water is the glue that mixed with clay gives shape to the tiles, makes them come alive, giving consistency to the clay.

Fire forges the material from which the fi nished product is born. It gives the character, hardness and resistance that have made Cotto Imprunetino an institution and make it a jewel with a timeless charm.