Bruno di Marte
Terra d'Ombra
Ocra Gialla
Rosa Cadmio
Rosa Cadmio
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Harmonious design between classic and modern
for indoor use

Within the large experimentation range of so many colours, Il Ferrone has selected five of them, as they were considered to be the most suitable ones to complete the proposal that best adjusts to modern furnishing needs. We have treated the skin until making it bright and soft to touch, obtaining warm, changing but never repetitive shades, and with the possibility of making everything, upon request, also in large formats and other colour shades. Extremely beautiful pieces have been taken out of the oven to make up floors in the track of tradition, of a historical and, at the same time, modern flavour, in line with the current requirements of a precious design, but still balanced with a harmonic coordination of style and colours. The nuances obtained with the addition of oxides and pigments in the imprunetina clay paste  retrieve the shades and colours of the natural elements from which they take inspiration.

  • all the characteristics and performance of traditional hand-made cotto
  • Almost smooth and velvety surface
  • different shades
natural product

Soft and rosy tones, it is much clearer than the traditional Imprunetino terracotta, naturally inhomogeneous

Hexagon side 14,5cm