Total sustainability

our goal today and for the future

We care about the good of the planet, which is why we only use natural and recyclable raw materials. Our entire production process is completely sustainable: we do not release emissions into the atmosphere and we only use clean energy; we do not produce waste, and the water we use is inserted into a purification and recirculation system. The quarry areas, at the end of cultivation, thanks to an important environmental restoration project, will return to gentle slopes in complete harmony with the surrounding environment.

All our efforts on technological and product innovation are aimed at achieving total sustainability in our factories, to leave our mark only through the floors and walls in your spaces. The raw material is extracted from the adjacent quarry, minimizing travel to reach the production plant: ours is a 0 km product. We only use clean energy from certified 100% renewable sources: this is the first step to becoming truly sustainable. The entire cooking cycle is powered exclusively by methane gas, minimizing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Terracotta is a durable and recyclable material; it does not create waste to be disposed of and can be reused. It does not deteriorate and is easily renewable, through simple regeneration processes. We reuse processing waste within our production cycle in the products that allow this use. The water we use, for example, enters a purification and recirculation system, which passes through the plants of our factory. Not a drop is wasted.